Enjoy summer or winter beyond the roads at the end of Internet. 

Adapt to the simple old lifestyle with collecting drinking water straight from the creek, cabins with bunkbeds and heating with firewood in a classic stove. 

Up here in the mountains the weather is taking it´s toll on the outside of our cabins. Inside however it nice and warm. Cabins are simple and originally built as protection for hunters and fishermen.

We have one four bed cabin at lake Harrsjön. This cabin has 2 bunkbeds (with pillow blanket and matress), liquid-gas stove, a stove for heating and cookware. There is an outhouse when you need to go. We have rental boats at location.

Rösjön has 3 four bed cabins, 1 six bed & 1 eight bed cabin and a large 12 bed cabin. The 12 bed cabin is rented by bed and shared with other quests. All cabins have kitchen ware. There is a big outhouse. Here we have rental boats, pontonboats and fishing kayaks etc.

Gas and firewood is included. Water is collected outside in big stainless steel buckets. At Rösjön we have a Sauna you can rent. Welcome to the real wilderness and the simple lifestyle in the mountains.

4 bed cabins 990 kr / night (whole cabin)

Harrsjöstugan 1250 kr / night (whole cabin)

6 bed 1400 kr / night (whole cabin)

8 bed 1600 kr / night (whole cabin)

Bed in 12 bed cabin 320 kr / night (shared cabin, own room)