Njupeskär is one of the main attractions in the park. With a 93 meter drop it is the highest waterfall in Sweden. Both bird life and vegitation is unique at this spot.

The Kestrel is nesting on the cliff edges somewhere here.

For just a few weeks around the Summer Solstice the waterfall is hit by sunlight early in the morning. On a clear day the walls around the fall turns red.

We do a trip´s in the middle of the bright summernight with a quick stop at Old Tjikko first.

Contact us if you are interrested in a tour from our cabins.

Worlds oldest spruce tree Old Tjikko up in the mountains is 9500 years old. It has survived in the rugged mountain conditions wich makes it even moore worth a visit. 

Old Tjikko is named after Tjikko the dog who found the tree.

The spruce standing up in the center is a clone of Old Tjikko.

The actual Old Tjikko is the old root system below the tree. 

Once Fulu mountains was the bottom of the sea and you still can find traces from this time in the park. Here and ther you can find stones where you clearly can see the sandy bottom.

We also have a short guided tour around our cabins. Ice age – Stone age – Middle Ages and to the modern history of Rösjöstugorna.

To find your way here and moore info about Fulufjällets Nationalpark is found at Naturum